Celtic Cross Reading


The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross is one of┬áthe most popular tarot spreads in the world. It is the golden standard in interpreting the Tarot and has spawned itself countless variations. This spread is usable for a great variety of questions. Most tarotists have the Celtic Cross in some form or other in their repertoire. While the Celtic Cross Spread is not a beginners spread, it is extremely useful for learning to interpret the Tarot.   I do advise you to use the Celtic Cross when you need an extensive and accurate answer to your questions. Over time and with lots of practice, it has grown to be my most trusted advisor when reading the Tarot. Even when it can become quite complex with all the combinations and influences that you have to take into account. I find the insights I gain from reading with the Celtic Cross spread are always more profound and deeper than from any other tarot spread I use. Whether this has to do with my experience or the venerable stature of this spread, I do not know.   Tarot Celtic Cross Spread - Free online tarot reading

Meaning of the cards positions

  1. This Covers You
  2. This Crosses You
  3. This Crowns You
  4. This is beneath You
  5. This is behind You
  6. This is before You
  7. You Yourself
  8. Your House
  9. Your hopes and Fears
  10. What will come