Card of The Day


Daily Tarot Explained

Find out what the main theme for your day will be. Draw one tarot card, this is also known as your card of the day. It is best to do this in the morning after a short meditation to empty the mind. Make sure you are at ease and the atmosphere in your room is peaceful. Draw the card and read the tarot card meaning. Now try to keep this card in mind while you go through your day and if at all possible make some notes. After a few days you will start to recognise the patterns of synchronicity emerging. From that moment onwards your innate understanding of how the tarot card meanings relate to your actual daily life will grow with leaps and bounds. I have found this routine extremely effective in learning to connect the individual tarot card meanings to the physical reality of my daily life. Despite the simplicity of this tarot spread, this is one of the more powerful ways of using the Tarot for guidance. With experience it will also become one of your most accurate tarot readings.  

Daily Tarot Tips

  1. Perform only one reading for the Daily Tarot a day. Do not keep drawing cards as every new reading will muddle the message of the first and most important card you've drawn.
  2. Do not despair if the meaning is not immediately clear or seems like a bad omen. Remember that the card does not create your future. You do!. The card will help you on your journey through the day. Heed its advise and you will be a richer if not wiser person at the days closing.
  3. After two or three weeks of practising take some time to review your notes and notice the emerging patterns. Any recurring themes?