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the pictorial key to the tarot bookcover - free tarot readingThe Pictorial key to the Tarot was the book that was used with the original Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck. In fact the tarot deck with the beautiful symbolic cards was created by Pamela Colman Smith at the request of AE Waite to be used with this book. Here you can perform a free online tarot reading according to the Pictorial key to the Tarot bij AE Waite.

The free traditional tarot reading we provide here, uses all the original rules as laid down in this book. We use the original texts that go with the individual cards, both in the upright and reversed positions.

You can use the tarot readings at tarot card meaning for simple fortune telling or as an online reference to the original card explanations.

Celtic Cross

The traditional tarot spread celtic cross

Traditional celtic cross

The main tarot spread that is being described in the Pictoral key to the Tarot is the Celtic Cross. According to AE Waite this was an old gypsy divining traditional. The traditional celtic cross nowadays is a real classic that is being used by tarot readers all over the world. It is suitable for almost every question or situation. At Tarot Card Meaning we use the Celtic Cross spread in the traditional way. This means that the cards can appear in upright and reversed position.


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