King of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning of the King of Staves in a tarot reading.King of Wands – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Dark man, friendly, countryman, generally married, honest and conscientious. The card always signifies honesty, and may mean news concerning an unexpected heritage to fall in before very long. Additional: Generally favourable may signify a good marriage.

Reversed: Good, but severe; austere, yet tolerant. Additional: Advice that should be followed.

King of Wands – Tarot Card Description

The physical and emotional nature to which this card is attributed is dark, ardent, lithe, animated, impassioned, noble. The King uplifts a flowering wand, and wears, like his three correspondences in the remaining suits, what is called a cap of maintenance beneath his crown. He connects with the symbol of the lion, which is emblazoned on the back of his throne.

King of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning of the King of Cups in a tarot reading.King of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Fair man, man of business, law, or divinity; responsible, disposed to oblige the Querent; also equity, art and science, including those who profess science, law and art; creative intelligence. Additional: Beware of ill-will on the part of a man of position, and of hypocrisy pretending to help.

Reversed: Dishonest, double-dealing man; roguery, exaction, injustice, vice, scandal, pillage, considerable loss. Additional: Loss.

King of Cups – Tarot Card Description

He holds a short sceptre in his left hand and a great cup in his right; his throne is set upon the sea; on one side a ship is riding and on the other a dolphin is leaping. The implicit is that the Sign of the Cup naturally refers to water, which appears in all the court cards.

King of Swords

Tarot Card Meaning of the King of Swords in a tarot reading.King of Swords – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Whatsoever arises out of the idea of judgment and all its connexions-power, command, authority, militant intelligence, law, offices of the crown, and so forth. Additonal: A lawyer, senator, doctor.

Reversed: Cruelty, perversity, barbarity, perfidy, evil intention. Additional: A bad man; also a caution to put an end to a ruinous lawsuit.

King of Swords – Tarot Card Decription

He sits in judgment, holding the unsheathed sign of his suit. He recalls, of course, the conventional Symbol of justice in the Trumps Major, and he may represent this virtue, but he is rather the power of life and death, in virtue of his office.

King of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning of the King of Pentacles in a tarot readingKing of Pentacles – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: Valour, realizing intelligence, business and normal intellectual aptitude, sometimes mathematical gifts and attainments of this kind; success in these paths. Additional: A rather dark man, a merchant, master, professor.

Reversed: Vice, weakness, ugliness, perversity, corruption, peril. Additional: An old and vicious man.

King of Pentacles – Tarot Card Description

The figure calls for no special description the face is rather dark, suggesting also courage, but somewhat lethargic in tendency. The bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved or blazoned with the pentagram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In many old Tarot packs this suit stood for current coin, money, deniers. I have not invented the substitution of pentacles and I have no special cause to sustain in respect of the alternative. But the consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of some change, because the cards do not happen to deal especially with questions of money.