Ace of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning of the Ace of Cups in a tarot reading.Ace of Cups – Tarot Card Meaning

Upright: House of the true heart, joy, content, abode, nourishment, abundance, fertility; Holy Table, felicity hereof. Additional: Inflexible will, unalterable law.

Reversed: House of the false heart, mutation, instability, revolution. Additional: Unexpected change of position.

Ace of Cups – Tarot Card Description

The waters are beneath, and thereon are water-lilies; the hand issues from the cloud, holding in its palm the cup, from which four streams are pouring; a dove, bearing in its bill a cross-marked Host, descends to place the Wafer in the Cup; the dew of water is falling on all sides. It is an intimation of that which may lie behind the Lesser Arcana.

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