Free Tarot Readings

Free Tarot Readings

I am an amateur Tarotist. I love reading the tarot. On Free Tarot Readings I’m using the Rider Waite Smith deck with the beautiful imagery by Pamela Colman Smith to perform the tarot readings. To get as close to the original tarot reading experience as possible I use the orginal texts from the Pictorial Guide to the Tarot by A.E.Waite.

The main Tarot reading used on this site is the Celtic Cross as specified in the Pictorial guide to the Tarot. To me the Celtic Cross is the reference reading pattern of all times. I will be working on making the readings at the as complete in interpretation and combinations as I possibly can.

These are the Tarot Spreads You can currently use on this website

Three card spread
Daily Tarot
Celtic Cross Spread
Tarot Spread The Challenge

Have fun reading the Tarot as they did nearly a century ago!